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Seachange: Paradise Reclaimed
Drama | Dramedy | Television
In this sparkling revival of the hit Australian dramedy, lawyer Laura Gibson (Sigrid Thornton, Wentworth) feels a bit adrift after the breakup of her marriage and losing her job. She returns to the lovely coastal town of Pearl Bay for the  rst time in 20 years, but the charming community isn’t the same as she remembers. Her old magistrate position is taken, and her elder daughter, Miranda (Brooke Satchwell, Neighbours), is pregnant but trying to hide it from her. Laura decides to stay in town and mend her fractured relationship with her daughters. But as shady business deals threaten to destroy the seaside’s natural beauty, she realizes that Pearl Bay and her family may need her as much as she needs them.
Wayne Blair Kevin Carlin Corrie Chen Peter Templeman
Sigrid Thornton John Howard Brooke Satchwell
DVD | Release Date 09/01/2020 | $49.99 | AMP2851 | 054961285198
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