Secrets of Ancient Egypt
Bordered by the fertile banks of the Nile River and the dusty edges of the Sahara, Egypt developed one of the world's earliest advanced civilizations. For millennia-after the pharaohs fell and sand reclaimed the Sphinx-the mysteries of this ancient people have fascinated scientists and laymen alike. Featuring leaders in the fields of biology, archaeology, geology, zoology, and Egyptology, these four documentaries seek to reveal what was hidden, unearthing the mysteries of the great civilization by calling on the power of modern science. Secrets of the Pharaohs: A Quest for Ancient DNA-Did genetics lead to the downfall of Tutankhamen's dynasty? Oasis of the Golden Mummies-Archaeologist Zahi Hawass excavates a catacomb filled with mummies to learn the legacy of a lost people. Secrets of the Sands-A former Apollo program scientist looks beneath the sands of the Sahara to discover the origins of the pyramids. The Sacred Animals of the Pharaohs-How did the ancient world view animals? A massive cache of mummified creatures provides clues.
Bo Landin Christopher Hale David Barrie
Zahi Hawass Farouk El-Baz
DVD | Release Date 01/14/2014 | 207 Mins. | $49.99 | AMP2117 | 054961211791
DIGITAL | Release Date 01/14/2014 | 207 Mins. | AMP211700
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