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She-Devils on Wheels
UR | Cult Movie | Action  |  Adventure
Red hot mamas from hell! The Man-Eaters, an all-girl motorcycle gang, spend their time terrorizing a local community, race each other for first pick of their male groupie "stud line," and throw raucous orgies in their clubhouse. Led by sexy, but tough-as-nails Queen and big, brutal Whitey, the girls initiate cute little Honeypot into the gang, then start a turf war with Joe-Boy and his group of hot rodders. But when Joe-Boy abducts Honeypot, the Man-Eaters get even by going after Joe-Boy's head. Literally... Outrageous sex and violence courtesy of director Herschell Gordon Lewis (The Wizard of Gore) and a biker drive-in classic unlike any other. To quote Queen, "We don't owe nobody nothin' and we don't make no deals! We're swinging chicks on motors and Man-Eaters on wheels!"
Herschell Gordon Lewis
Betty Connell Nancy Lee Noble Christie Wagner Pat Posten Ruby Tuesday John Weymer
DVD | Release Date 07/17/2007 | 82 Mins. | $9.98 | ID6066SWDVD | 014381606621
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