She Freak
UR | Cult Movie | Horror | Thriller
In this creepy carny-noir, horror lurks behind the cheerful facade of a traveling carnival. Fed up slinging hash at a roadside dinner, slinky Jade Cochran (Claire Brennen) takes a job with a passing show and soon sinks her ambitious hooks into Steven St. John, owner of the sideshow exhibit, and marries him. In the meantime, she has an affair with Blackie, the Ferris wheel stud, and makes life miserable for Shorty, the sideshow midget. But when Blackie kills her hubby and Jade inherits the sideshow, Shorty and his fellow "oddities" seek revenge. An affectionate reworking of the classic "Freaks" from producer David F. Friedman (who plays the sideshow barker), SHE FREAK also features another bizarre makeup creation by Harry Thomas, who designed some of Hollywood's looniest monsters (Frankenstein's Daughter, House on Bare Mountain).
Byron Mabe
Claire Brennen Lee Raymond Bill McKinney Ben Moore Felix Silla David F. Friedman
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