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She-Man / Sins of Rachel
NR | Cult Movie
"The People You Are About To Meet May Shock You!" Albert Rose is "an aggressive, athletic, normal American male" -- until he straps on his first brassiere! Blackmailed by kinky dominatrix Dominita, Albert is held at her Florida hideaway and forced to join other gender-benders after he enters "The Transformation Room" and becomes a SHE-MAN named Rose. And, folks, Albert in drag ain't pretty. But, hey, the big lug likes it! He also falls for Dominita's lesbian secretary, who prefers him as a her! The lovebirds eventually lead a she-male mutiny against Dominita by dramatically exposing her shocking non-secret. Hilariously screwy, this "factual exposition" marked the directorial debut of Bob Clark who went on to make Black Christmas and Porky's! PLUS: Someone's bashed in the head of faded nightclub singer and "no-good broad" Rachel Waring. As police investigate and the SINS OF RACHEL are exposed, a whole range of small-town suspects emerge, most notably her sexually-confused son Jimmy. Not only does Jimmy think he's gay, but he grew up sleeping in Rachel's bedroom until the night she groped him which made the kid flip out and run straight into the arms of a sensitive semi-bikeboy. This seedy little bargain-basement obscurity was not only written by its leading lady, but presented in the Motion-Picture Miracle of "TextureTone!"
Bob Clark Dick Fontaine
Dorian Wayne Jerome Scott Ann Noble Leslie Marlowe
DVD | Release Date 05/27/2008 | 153 Mins. | $9.98 | ID1235SWDVD | 014381123524
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