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She's Not Our Sister/She's Still Not Our Sister Double Feature
Comedy | Urban | Drama | Family  |  Kids
SHE'S NOT OUR SISTER (2012, NR, 90 MINS) What happens when three sisters find out they stand to inherit a multimillion-dollar fortune, and in the process discover a half-sister their estranged father never told them about? In this powerful and inspirational musical stage play, three women experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions as they confront their father's death, long-buried family secrets and the startling revelation of an affair that almost tore their parents' marriage apart. SHE'S STILL NOT YOUR SISTER (2013, NR, 176 MINS) In this riveting four-part sequel to GMC's hit gospel play production She's Not Our Sister, the saga of the Walker sisters continues as they learn that the millions they received after their father's death cannot buy happiness. Instead, the four women discover they have inherited an entirely new set of challenges, including career setbacks, romantic disappointments, charming gold-diggers and self-destructive tendencies.
Roger Melvin Vernon Snoop Robinson
Christian Keyes Kellita Smith Jackee Harry Jazmin Lewis Clifton Powell Azur-De Johnson Drew Sidora Sha McKinney Tony Grant
DVD | Release Date 07/14/2015 | 266 Mins. | $14.98 | ID00300IMDVD | 014381003000
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