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Sin in the Suburbs / Swap and How the Make It, The
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Olga meets Ilsa- in Suburbia! Yes, before they made their marks as pop-culture dominatrixes, Audrey "Olga" Campbell -as well as her two co-stars from Olga's House of Shame - starred with Dyanne "Ilsa" Thorne (billed here as "Lahna Monroe") in one of the greatest sexploitation films of the sixties: director Joe Sarno's wild and witty SIN IN THE SUBURBS!! Eager to make money off the rampant sexual shenanigans sweeping through their neighborhood, Yvette Talman (Miss Thorne) and her creepy brother Lou organize a sex club in which Mrs. Lewis (Miss Campbell) and other lust-loving suburbanites pay to participate in anonymous sex while wearing cloaks and masks: "If you'll direct your attention to the center of the ring, the greatest animal act on earth!" But what Mrs. Lewis doesn't know is that her teenage daughter is also a member of the club. Oops... Plus: With Mona's husband too busy for love, and after Karen's fling with a college kid fizzles, they decide to take a neighbor's advice and "trade the old model for a newer one" when they join a group of wife-swappers called "The Exchange." But when that college kid threatens to expose THE SWAP AND HOW THEY MAKE IT, he's allowed to join the club until a cruel joke makes his swap especially sick. So be the first on your block to savor these scintillating, stylish and surprisingly intelligent skinflicks from director Joe Sarno.... And be sure to invite the neighbors!
Joe Sarno
Audrey Campbell George Wolfe Patricia McNair Louis Waldon Ella Daphni Dyanne Thorne Marla Ellis Sheila Britt
DVD | Release Date 06/29/2004 | 190 Mins. | $9.98 | ID2177SWDVD | 014381217728
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