Single-Handed, Set 2
Not Rated | Drama | Television
His position as local Garda sergeant puts Jack Driscoll (Owen McDonnell, Wild Decembers) at the heart of his community-and often at odds with it. Relationships are everything in his small Irish town, where Jack's professional life is inextricably bound with his private life and those of his neighbors. When two new arrivals come from England (Matthew McNulty, Lark Rise to Candleford and Simone Lahbib, Wire in the Blood), eager to discover family history in the area, Jack learns that the solutions to current crimes frequently lie in the distant past. Filmed against the spectacular and foreboding backdrop of Connemara, the second set of SINGLE-HANDED contains three new feature-length crime dramas. Jack investigates the seemingly pointless killing of an elderly recluse, a murder dressed up as arson, and a local schoolgirl's involvement with a Dublin pimp. Complex characterizations and riveting performances illuminate a world rife with moral ambiguity.
Charlie McCarthy Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Owen McDonnell Matthew McNulty Simone Lahbib
DVD | Release Date 03/27/2012 | 364 Mins. | $49.99 | AMP8751 | 054961875191
DIGITAL | Release Date 03/27/2012 | 304 Mins. | AMP875100
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