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Sledge Hammer! The Complete Series
NR | Comedy | Television
IF THIS IS LAW ENFORCEMENT, GOD HELP US ALL! Rebel cop, Sledge Hammer (David Rasche) is everyone's favorite trigger-happy lawman and a one-man crusade against crime. His extreme, unorthodox methods which include firing warning shots at jaywalkers, dragging suspects around parking lots by his rear bumper until they confess, blasting a building-demolishing bazooka shot at a sniper, and talking to his .44 Magnum have gotten him suspended from the force more times than he can remember. but he gets results! Harrison Page and Anne-Marie Martin co-star in this hilariously deranged lampoon of DIRTY HARRY. This special collection includes both seasons from SLEDGE HAMMER!, one of the funniest, most notorious series in television history whose rabid cult of fans grows to this day!
Bill Bixby Charles Braverman Jackie Cooper (2)
David Rasche Harrison Page Anne-Marie Martin
DVD | Release Date 12/13/2011 | 1025 Mins. | $34.98 | LAK7765DVD | 014381776522
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