Small Town Killers
NR | Horror | Comedy | Foreign Language
Fed up with their marriages, two best friends make the rash decision to hire a hitman to kill their wives. It’s not until they meet Igor, a Russian contract killer who prefers drinking shots to firing them off, that they immediately regret their decision and try to cancel the hit. Unfortunately, Igor won’t be dissuaded, and things get even worse when the wives find out what their husbands have done and decide to hire a hitman of their own.
Ole Bornedal
Ulrich Thomsen Nicolas Bro Mia Lyhne Lene Maria Christensen
Blu-ray Disc | Release Date 11/12/2019 | $28.97 | SHU10675BD | 014381106756
DIGITAL | Release Date 11/12/2019 | SHU1067400
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