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Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine / A Sweet Sickness / The Brick Dollhouse
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She's sexy! She's psycho! She's a sadistic little sex kitten gleefully destroying men with A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine! She's Sharon Winters -- played by the delectable Stacey Walker (The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill), the Ultimate Tease who gets her kicks by seducing guys, then calling for the cops: "What do you think I am? Some two-dollar hustler?!" She sends one young man to jail, forces another to skip town, and drives one poor slob so crazy that he runs maniacally through the streets before attacking the first woman he sees! But the tables are turned when Sharon zeroes in on a thug who's even sicker than she.... Written and produced by the legendary David F. Friedman (The Defilers), this gritty, gutsy, outrageously un-PC sinema classic is a truly twisted gem from the Golden Age of Sexploitation! Plus: Vivacious Vincene Wallace (co-star of Russ Meyer's Vixen) is Dee, a naive young gal who's come to Hollywood to be a star. Instead, she's jumped by her landlord, hired to headline a "strip auction," and becomes the drugged centerpiece of a lesbian-and-whipped-cream party! As the narrator says, "It's sort of a sickness trying to reach the top. But it's A Sweet Sickness...." Also: Pot-party swingers, high-haired hellcats, gals who love gals, and -- yikes! -- one shot-to-death stripper are all to be found behind the well-built walls of The Brick Dollhouse! It's a torrid and tumultuous triple bill of scintillating Sixties Skinflicks, Friedman style!
Byron Mabe Jon Martin Tony Martinez
Poochie Norton Tina Vienna Vicki Carbe Vincene Wallace Neville Coward Stacey Walker
DVD | Release Date 01/13/2004 | 192 Mins. | $9.98 | ID0043SWDVD | 014381004328
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