Straight Forward: Series 1
Drama | Drama - Modern | Television | Thriller
When her father is murdered in cold blood, Danish con-woman Sylvia Petersen (Cecilie Stenspil, The Protectors) has her life turned upside down. Reeling from his death, she plots revenge on crime kingpin Ravn (Mark Mitchinson, Dear Murderer, Rake). But when the job goes haywire, Sylvia is forced to flee, leaving her mother and daughter behind. A master of disguise and deception, Sylvia holes up in picturesque New Zealand, where she befriends a local café owner and his handsome son (Matthew Walker, Filthy Rich). But with Ravn and his henchmen targeting her loved ones back in Copenhagen, Sylvia’s hideout is as much a prison as a refuge. Can she save her family from the other side of the world? With stunning scenery and high-stakes action, this gritty international thriller offers an adrenaline-filled ride across the globe.
Charlie Haskell Peter Burger Riccardo Pellizzeri
Andrew Grainger Arlo Green Britta Brandy Cecilie Stenspil Edwin Wright John Callen Marie Boda Mark Mitchinson Matthew Walker Riley Harris Stephane Garneau-Monten Troels Lyby Vibeke Hastrup
DVD | Release Date 08/27/2019 | 366 Mins. | $49.99 | AMP2750 | 054961275090
DIGITAL | Release Date 08/27/2019 | AMP275000
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