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Stuck with You: Season 1
Drama | Comedy
Their millions of fans know them as CandyLuv, the perfect celebrity couple. But in real life Candace and Luvell are far from perfect, and their marriage is way more complicated than a glamorous post on social media or an inspirational chapter from their bestselling book on staying happy together. Secrets, lies, manipulation, heartache and infidelity – real world people have real world relationship problems. And what’s true for Candy and Luvell, is also true for Quasir and Katrina or Mora and Raymond. If you have a good thing going on, you need to put in the work to keep it that way.
Patricia Cuffie-Jones
AJ Johnson Arthur Clark, D. Woods Jessica Obilom Michael Dyer Monti Washington Nadine Ellis Scott St. Patrick Williams Shanice Skyh Black Tammy Townsend Terrah Bennett Smith Terrence Green Tiffany Black Timon Kyle Durrett
DVD | Release Date 06/23/2020 | $16.96 | UMC10578DVD | 014381105780
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