TK Kirkland: Are There Any Questions?
R | Stand-Up | Comedy | Urban
You better pay attention - because you're about to get schooled! When the legendary underground superstar TK Kirkland takes the stage it's more than stand-up comedy, it's a seminar, and the subject is real talk on relationships, lovemaking, self-esteem and just plain common sense. The inimitable Hip-Hop comedy bad boy has performed for sold-out crowds opening for stars including Jay-Z, 5 Cent, Kid Rock, Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne and Nelly. Check out TK's raw style on his first-ever video - and if you're easily offended, please back away now. ARE THERE ANY QUESTIONS? No? Good.
Bobby Mardis
TK Kirkland
DVD | Release Date 12/16/2008 | 72 Mins. | $14.98 | CEW5118DVD | 014381511826
DIGITAL | Release Date 12/16/2008 | 72 Mins. | CEW511800
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