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Ultimate Ernest Collection
ERNEST MOVIE COLLECTION (2015, NR, 222 Mins) Everyone's favorite know-it-all neighbor and knucklehead! ERNEST IN THE ARMY: The Army will never be the same! Our old buddy Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) loves big Army trucks so he enlists in the Reserves to get a chance to drive them. Unfortunately, Ernest's unit is called up to serve overseas as part of a force looking to stop a Middle Eastern dictator. ERNEST GOES TO AFRICA: Get ready for a really wild African adventure! Ernest (Jim Varney) must head to Africa to save the girl of his dreams from a group of diamond smugglers after giving her an unsuspecting yo-yo made of priceless diamonds he stumbled upon. HEY VERN! IT'S MY FAMILY ALBUM: Looking at a family album has never been this fun! Ernest's (Jim Varney) recollections come to life in a series of skits impersonating his most eccentric ancestors. ERNEST'S WACKY ADVENTURES (2015, NR, 138 Mins) Everyone's favorite know-it-all neighbor, the beloved Ernest P. Worell (Jim Varney), is remembered by all thanks to his endearing and goofy caricature as portrayed in his commercials, public service announcements, and much more. Sit back and enjoy some of his wackiest adventures! YOUR WORLD AS I SEE IT: Ernest and his family give us numerous views of life from the shallow end of the gene pool. ERNEST'S GREATEST HITS 1: See Ernest in some of his best moments from several of his famous commercials and public service announcements. You'll also be treated to his wackiest bloopers and outtakes. ERNEST'S GREATEST HITS 2: Ernest is back with more great moments in commercials, bloopers, behind-the-scenes looks, and special surprises!
John R. Cherry III
Jim Varney Linda Kash Claire Marshall Jamie Bartlett
DVD | Release Date 01/12/2016 | 379 Mins. | $19.98 | AMT00423DVD | 014381004236
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