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Under Capricorn
Drama | Drama - Period
In 1831, young Irishman Charles Adare (Peter Cousens, Return to Eden) arrives in New South Wales, Australia, eager to make his fortune-and make it fast. But what he finds are secrets that won't stay buried. Adare is swept into the private world of wealthy land baron Samson Flusky (John Hallam, The Pallisers) and his mentally unbalanced wife, Lady Henrietta (Lisa Harrow, Kavanagh Q.C.). The gruff, unmannered Flusky hopes the well-bred Adare can bring Henrietta out of her mysterious dark moods and back into society. But her manic behavior masks something unspeakable. As Adare attempts to help this haunted woman, greed, jealousy, and a secret passion threaten to destroy them both. Based on the popular novel by Helen Simpson and filmed on location in Australia, this is an engrossing saga in the tradition of Rebecca.
Rod Hardy
Lisa Harrow John Hallam Peter Cousens
DVD | Release Date 02/25/2014 | 204 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP2138 | 054961213894
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