Vidago Palace: Series 1
Drama | Drama - Costume | Drama - Historical | Drama - Period | Foreign Language | Romance
In 1936 Portugal, the opulent Vidago Palace hotel is a haven for Europe’s elite from the Spanish Civil War erupting across the border. Beautiful young aristocrat Carlota (Mikaela Lupu) arrives at the resort to plan her wedding to the wealthy César (Pedro Barroso), which will save her family from bankruptcy. But her heart is preoccupied with thoughts of Pedro (David Seijo), the handsome son of the hotel’s concierge. The illicit lovers have been separated by social class and war, but when a fateful chain of events brings them together again, Carlota must decide her destiny. Nominated for numerous European TV awards, this sumptuous saga beguiles with romantic passion, gorgeous scenery, and exquisite period detail.
Henrique Oliveira
David Seijo Mikaela Lupu Pedro Barroso
DVD | Release Date 07/30/2019 | 313 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP2718 | 054961271894
DIGITAL | Release Date 07/30/2019 | AMP271800
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