William and Mary: Complete Collection
Not Rated | Drama | Television | British TV | Drama - Modern
She brings people into the world, he ushers them out-but for this unconventional pair, love is the greatest journey of all. Martin Clunes (Doc Martin, Shakespeare in Love) and Julie Graham (The Bletchley Circle) are the slightly jaded-but ever hopeful-couple looking to finally get it right in this addictive British dramedy. William Shawcross is a widowed undertaker whose profession has kept women at arm's length. Mary Gilcrest is a no-nonsense midwife who has little time to muck about with romance. From the minute they meet, the demands of family and their unpredictable professions keep things complicated. But they find that, like birth and death, love is a force that won't be denied. This complete collection contains all three series of the deftly written drama, nominated for numerous U.K. television awards. Guest stars include Michael Fassbender, Annette Crosbie, Saskia Wickham, Russell Tovey, and Miranda Hart.
Matthew Evans Stuart Orme Nick Laughland Coky Giedroyc Hette Macdonald Sandy Johnson Jean Stewart
Martin Clunes Julie Graham
DVD | Release Date 03/25/2014 | 872 Mins. | $59.99 | AMP2146 | 054961214693
DIGITAL | Release Date 03/25/2014 | 872 Mins. | AMP214600
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