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Wrong Rut / Birthright
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You May Faint... But You'll Never Forget! Ditzy 20-year-old Sally Kelton is infatuated with obnoxious piano player Steve Ryan (Sean's dad, Leo Penn). But after they make love in a park and Steve gives her the boot, Sally learns she's pregnant, checks into a home for unwed mothers, and is forced to give up the child. Distraught and wandering the streets in a daze, Sally sees someone else's baby in a carriage and decides to "adopt" it. Originally released in 1949 as Not Wanted, this marked actress Ida Lupino's (uncredited) directorial debut when she took over from ailing Elmer Clifton (Assassin of Youth). Though eschewing the trappings of exploitation for a more sensitive approach, the film was nevertheless revamped by roadshow promoter Jack Lake who changed the title to THE WRONG RUT, spliced in some color birth-of-a-baby footage, and had Miss Lupino's surgically altered feature playing drive-ins from 1962 through 1972!!! Plus: Chicken farmer John Lloyd learns the importance of blood tests when he gives his pregnant wife a dose of the clap after a one-night fling with a lonely waitress. Shot in Harmony, Georgia, with a cast of non-professionals and produced in association with the Georgia Department of Health, BIRTHRIGHToriginally began as a serious educational film but took a detour into degradation when it was theatrically released with the insertion of a crude nude scene and, yup, more birth-of-a-baby footage!
Ida Lupino
Sally Forrest Keefe Brasselle Dorothy Adams
DVD | Release Date 05/16/2006 | 143 Mins. | $14.98 | ID2436SWDVD | 014381243628
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