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Yoga to the Rescue for Pain Free Back, Neck and Shoulders
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Prevent and relieve pain and stiffness in your back, neck, and shoulders with celebrated yoga instructor Desirée Rumbaugh. Recent studies have shown that a regular yoga practice helps combat chronic pain. These two complete programs feature safe, simple, and effective yoga practices to help you heal yourself. Make aches and pains a thing of the past as you reduce stress, fight fatigue, and release tension throughout your body. YOGA TO THE RESCUE FOR BACK PAIN: Starting with a simple standing pose, Desirée leads you through a series of therapeutic yoga exercises that will improve your posture, ease pressure, relieve tightness, increase circulation, and make you stronger and more flexible. YOGA TO THE RESCUE FOR NECK AND SHOULDERS: This program includes a 30-minute tutorial and a 30-minute flowing sequence. Desirée breaks down each move to teach the proper alignment and positioning. You can do the poses anywhere for instant relief, or perform the flowing sequence regularly to remain relaxed and pain-free. Includes bonus wrist stretch. Equipment needed: mat, strap or towel, and blankets
James Wvinner
Desiree Rumbaugh
DVD | Release Date 05/14/2013 | 126 Mins. | $24.99 | AMP2062 | 054961206292
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