Z (2019)
NR | Horror | Thriller
When Beth’s son brings home an imaginary friend named “Z,” she becomes concerned that he is falling too deep into a world of make believe. He starts to display extremely destructive behavior, blaming Z for all of his actions. But after he gets kicked out of school, Beth is forced to find a solution. She medicates her son, making him unable to see his imaginary companion. But now Beth sees Z…and he wants to be her friend.
Brandon Christensen
Keegan Connor Tracy Jett Klyne Sean Rogerson Sara Canning Stephen McHattie Chandra West Ali Webb Deborah Ferguson Luke Moore Fox Rose Jayson Therrien Sarah Munn Grace Christensen Kevin Doree Blaine Schlechter Gerrick Winston
DVD | Release Date 09/01/2020 | $27.97 | SHU12984DVD | 014381129847
Blu-ray Disc | Release Date 09/01/2020 | $28.97 | SHU12985BD | 014381129854
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